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High Performance Boutique Agency

High Performance Boutique Agency. What does that mean, you may be asking. It means we prioritize quality of clients over quantity. Having come from a world of large agencies, we have seen firsthand the pitfalls that clients face when it comes to being "just another client". At Disruptiv, we know that to truly be effective with Marketing, you need a team that has the expertise and TIME to dedicate to your account. We have both. With over 10 years of experience in Marketing and Sales, you can be sure that you're working with a group of experts. Contact us today for a free consultation or audit!


Take Your Marketing To The Next Level With

Disruptiv Marketing

At Disruptiv Marketing, we pride ourselves on being a boutique agency that delivers big results. With over 5 million dollars managed in marketing spend, our team of experts has the experience and expertise to create customized, data-driven strategies that drive real business growth.

Unlike large, impersonal agencies, we take a hands-on approach with every client, getting to know their unique needs and goals and work closely with them to develop and execute a tailored plan of action. We believe that true success comes from building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients, and we're committed to going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

Elevate your sales team with

Disruptiv SALes consulting


At Disruptiv, we understand that to get the most out of your marketing leads, you must have a thought out sales process. With over 15 years of sales experience, our team can set you up to maximize your success. This includes:

  • Sales Process Optimization
  • CRM Review/Implementation
  • Follow Up Process
  • Communication Tools
  • Help Identifying Unique Value Propositions
  • Negotiation Tactics
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Fully Remote, Low Overhead Cost Allow Us To Pass The Savings To You!
100% Transparent Pricing: See Our Rates Here
We Build Everything On Your Accounts! You Own Everything!
No Contracts Or Forced Terms
Cancel Anytime For $0 - Trust Us, You Won’t Want To!
We Don't Outsource Anything, All Of Our Work Is In House!

What We Do Best


Google PPC Advertising

Need results fast? We got you covered. We specialize in Google Ads, having managed over 5 Million Dollars in ad spend across a number of industries. From E-Commerce to Lead Based Businesses. Contact us today to get started!


Sales Process Optimization

Struggling to convert leads into sales? We can help! From reviewing your sales process, to implementing a new CRM, or simply strategizing your unique value propositions, our team can help take your sales force to a new level! 


Social Media Ads

Get in front of the right audience with Social Media Ads, custom made for you, designed to drive traffic, sales, brand awareness, and more! We specialize in Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube Ads!


Social Media Management

Don't have time to manage your socials? Who does! Let us help! Grow your social presence with our custom social media packages, that include Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business. 


Website Development

Need a new site? Or a revamp to what you're currently working with? We have in house designers experienced in a multitude of platforms, including: WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and more! Get in contact with us to learn more! 


Video & Media Services

Stand out from the rest with our custom video and media services, including our in house team of videographers and photographers ready to make your business or product come to life! 


Conversion Rate Optimization

Get your site converting! Visual appeal is important but getting sales and leads should always take priority! That's why we have a "convert first"  approach when it comes to web development!


SEO & Content Creation

Climb the ranks on Google to get seen! Our in house team of SEO Specialists are there for you to produce high quality content to not only rank well, but to help your website convert!


Professional Branding

Are you a new business or an established one looking to grow your brand? We got you covered. We offer custom branding packages that include logos, custom apparel, accessories, and more!


Email & SMS Marketing

Take advantage of the cheapest form of marketing by having well structured email and sms automations set up to never lose touch with your clients. 


New Business Support

Just started a new business and need some guidance on sales, marketing, CRM, tools and more? We can help! We have personally started numerous of our own businesses along with helping hundreds of new businesses jump start! 

How Much Are you paying to manage your ads?

Most clients don't really know how much they pay for ad management. And chances are, if you don't know, you're paying too much! We charge a 20% management fee. And that's it. No hidden fees. No retainers, or “base” fees.

We offer complimentary audits for all ad accounts. Contact us today to get your free audit!

Who we work with

We are selective about who we work with. Considering we limit how many accounts each marketer can take, we want to make sure that the clients we work with best fit our expertise. Ensuring both parties are successful.


  • Businesses over 500k in Annual Revenue
  • Monthly Budgets of 5k+ 
  • Strong Sales Team

Professional Services

  • Law Practices
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Monthly Budgets of 8k+

Established E-Commerce brands

  • Established Brands Looking To Scale
  • Monthly Budgets Of 5k+

Start Ups!

  • Start Ups With Capital To Grow
  • Monthly Budgets Of 5k+
  • Motivated And Open To Thinking Outside The Box!

Our most successful clients

typically meet these 3 criteria:



Have the opportunity and desire to continue to grow.

Consistent Budget

Consistent Budget

Companies who have a consistent budget allocated for their marketing, not one’s that are hoping that the results from month 1 will pay for month 2.

Aligned Expectations

Aligned Expectations

We will always shoot you straight, as we rather lose your business telling you the truth, over earning it telling you a lie.


Who we are

Meet the dynamic duo behind Disruptiv Marketing and Sales Consulting – where business meets personality, and growth is served with a side of humor.

Miguel Quintanna (CMO) and Dillion Koch (CSO) lead our charge. They're not your typical corporate suits. Instead, they're family-oriented, straightforward, and as honest as a best friend who tells you when your shirt's on inside-out.

Our secret sauce? A no-nonsense, extra-accountable approach. You see, we don't treat our client relationships as mere business transactions; they're near and dear to our hearts. We've deliberately embraced a boutique-style philosophy – no quantity-over-quality nonsense here. We invest the time needed to nurture long-lasting relationships, because, well, who wants to be just another number in a massive agency's ledger?

We live by the 'the last conversation you want to have is the one you need to have the most' motto. In other words, we tackle the tough stuff head-on, because we believe in no bull, extreme ownership, and executing like our business depends on it (because it does).

So, if you're seeking a refreshing blend of personal touch and professional expertise, Disruptiv Marketing and Sales Consulting is the place to be. We've got the brains, the brawn, and the humor to fuel your success.

Getting Started is easy!

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call. There, we will learn more about your business and your marketing goals and needs and give you our professional opinion on what your marketing approach should be!


Need an audit? You got it! Getting an audit is a great way to keep companies honest! Sadly, more often than not, we find that clients are losing money due to poorly setup accounts along with a lack of proper optimizations. Mostly due to overload with big agencies. At Disruptiv, we keep our books small, which means your account gets more specialized attention! Schedule a 30 Min Consultation today to grant us access to your current ad accounts and we will have a report for you in 72 hours or less.

The proof is in the pudding,

or so they say! Check out our case studies to see that we aren’t just talk!